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St. Croix

adirondack barnacle beach berry cooler
bird of paradise black pearl boardwalk boat house
cabana captain's chair cascade citrus burst
clam bake conch shell cool breeze crab shack
crepe suzette deep pool driftwood dune
evening cloud fern mist foliage french pewter
hammock beige heron high tide island sage
island sunset manatee mangrove manzanita
margarita mayan moon light morning mist
mussels new anchor oar ocean blue
palm tree parched teak passionate pelican crest
pier pistachio ice cream ports-o-call reef
royal palm sail boat sand castle sandals
sandbar scallop sea turtle seagrass
seagull seashore seaweed shallow water
shark skin shimmering sea spice box starfish
stingray straw hut summer sky sun deck
sunbeam suntan surf board tide pool
tiki torch touch of coral treasure chest tropical storm
weathervane wharf whitecaps wicker basket

St. Croix /ブロードルームカーペット 全80色
タフテッド カットパイル
重さ/ 114.0oz/sqyd(3870g/sqm)
幅/ 3.66m
アメリカ - FAB/ C-FAB-051-FU


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